Sophie and Joseph Cortellino

Cortellino vineyard

Many producers in Quebec often believe that it is the parents who initiate the project to start a vineyard. But, in this case, this is not exactly how it happened! It was rather Sophie Cortellino (the daughter!) who had the idea to produce their own wine, bringing her father, Joseph Cortellino, in this beautiful adventure!



A career orientation

While Sophie was working in photography and her father Joseph had just retired from a long and successful career in the steel industry, they officially made the leap in the vineyard in 2009!

From then on, they planted grape varieties on a plot of land behind the family home in Montérégie. And, to make sure they got it right, they took training courses together to increase their technical knowledge on vine and wine production.

And… in 2011, their first harvest!


The passion for wine: a family story

Although Sophie is the source of this beautiful vineyard project, the passion for winemaking has been in the family for well over a generation. Indeed, Joseph, originally from the Apulia region of Italy, learned very young to take care of the vineyard by working with his father.

Arrived in the Quebec province at the age of 20, Joseph even planted a few vines on his land in Montérégie.

Seeing and helping her father in his favorite hobby is how Sophie got the itch to work in a vineyard.

100% Quebec wines

The Cortellino vineyard is particularly fond of red wines. They offer you a beautiful range of three reds where you can taste the typicity of the Quebec terroir – while having very different characteristics. The vineyard also produces a white wine that will seduce you with its aromatic fragrance with citrus, peach and apricot notes (Piccolo Grigio) as well as a rosé wine, Lys Rose, which will bring you a pleasant freshness.

Discover this vineyard and meet winemakers as welcoming as they are generous!

Discover the wines of the Cortellino vineyard