The vineyards of Quebec: welcoming, even when you don’t expect it! 

Like many Quebecers, you are thinking of visiting the vineyards of Quebec … as soon as the winning conditions are met. Do not wait any longer! It is always a good time to go and discover the riches of our land.

An activity to do when it rains

It’s well known that outdoor activities and rain don’t mix. And yet … Rain or shine, the vineyards here do not lose any of their charm.

What you should know is that many Quebec vineyards:

There is a covered terrace ideal for private meetings and for meeting friends who work overtime. And the little (big!) Plus: the breathtaking view that you won’t find anywhere else.

Offer related activities under their roof, well protected from the elements. Guided tour of the facilities, museum, shop, gourmet tastings… The choice is yours!

Aren’t you made of chocolate? There is nothing like a warm summer rain to warm hearts. Take out your raincoat and rain boots, and come and admire the beauty of a field of vines dancing to the rhythm of a downpour.

Vignoble Québec Val Caudalies


A family activity that gets out of the routine

Visiting a vineyard is so much more than tasting local wines (although, let’s face it, it’s part of their charm). Their doors are always open for adults and children alike. For an educational outing, a family picnic in a bucolic setting or an unforgettable hike, our vineyards have no room! In addition, some of them harbor pets that like companionship.

Vignoble Les Vents d'Ange


The perfect option when you only have a few hours to spare

No need to wait for the holidays to take over the fields. With more than 150 vineyards spread across Quebec, you won’t have to travel far to dive into the world of winegrowers here. This is the go-to destination for a visit on a whim or for a weekend activity to share. Multiply short visits. With the range of possibilities they give you, you’ll never have the same experience twice!

Find a vineyard from here

and go on an adventure

Ready for an exotic trip a few kilometers from the house? 

Guillaume Leroux, Alexis Perron and Julien Vaillancourt
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