Who are The Authentic? These are the winegrowers that you will discover in this web series highlighting their know-how and their passion for the profession. By welcoming you to their vineyard, these passionate people open the doors to the fascinating world of wine production in Quebec.

Each episode is an opportunity to introduce you to two faces of wine and to deepen a given theme. Over the course of meetings (and a few tastings!), the sharing of knowledge and the complicity between winegrowers and winegrowers make it possible to draw an inspiring portrait of the Quebec vineyard.

Discover the know-how of Quebec's winegrowers.

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The hidden side of the winegrowers

They wear all the hats and juggle daily with a world of knowledge. They passionately plough their fields and cultivate a love of good wine. Much more than producers, our Quebec winemakers bottle grape varieties tinged with their care and our terroir.

There is no competition among our winemakers. Only a real passion for the profession, and a real desire to work together to break down all the barriers between local wines and consumers.

Authenticity in its purest form…


What fascinates me about being a winemaker is how diverse it is.


– Martin Lavertu, Les Petits Cailloux vineyard


We are very proud of the wines we make with grape varieties that have been developed for cold climates.


– Christiane Allard, 1292 vineyard


I am very happy to be part of this generation that will take Quebec viticulture further.


– Laure de Coussergues, De l’Orpailleur vineyard


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