This is the number of vineyards that you will find in Quebec that are just waiting for your visit to fill your senses. And the most beautiful in all of this? With their uniqueness, you will never have a feeling of déjà vu!


This is the number of must-haves that you will gladly have with you when you visit.

Be prepared for any eventuality by putting together this list…

To outsmart the weather

1. Sunscreen
The only colors you should be lucky enough to see are in the fields!

2. Mosquito repellent
Because they don’t place any reservations before inviting themselves.

3. Rain boots and a raincoat
Many vineyards from here have a covered terrace that will keep you dry. However, for those who like to get a little wet, a visit to the vineyards in the rain is a must. But that’s no reason to ruin your summer shoes. 😉

4. A warm sweater
You never know when the urge to make the pleasure last will get you!

To enjoy the view of a vineyard

Val Caudalies Vins du Québec


5. A camera
This is the best way to bring back great memories. Note that your smartphone can do the trick very well.

6. Sunglasses
Because the sight is a little less beautiful behind small eyes narrowed by the sunshine.

7. Hiking shoes
Or your pair of shoes that you worship as slippers. Some vineyards offer miles of nature to explore. It would be a shame if blisters on your feet decided for you that it is time to turn back on the trail.

8. A blanket
This master key comes to the rescue of any thrill while remaining a precious ally of your desire to sit down for a break here, now.

9. A picnic
It’s made to get along well with the blanket and fills any peckishness!

To discover new flavors

Vignoble 1292 Québec


10. Your wallet
Tasting with the eyes is good. Satisfying your taste buds is even better. Getting to know a vineyard also means tasting the fruit of the hard work of its winegrowers. One glass, one bite and you’ll be won over.

11. A reusable bag
… conquered to the point of wanting to take some home! And since you only have two hands …

12. Your curiosity
The winegrowers will be happy to satisfy yours: ask them your questions! If you have the chance, take the opportunity to tour the owner and hear their story, you will leave grown up.

Travel with a light heart

with the vineyards from here

Authentic, rich, diverse… Quebec’s vineyards are worth a visit every time! Take advantage of your summer trips to to locate the nearest vineyard. For a day or for a few improvised hours, each time you will be charmed.

Vignoble St-ThomasThe vineyards of Quebec: welcoming, even when you don't expect it!
Ève Rainville and Marc Théberge