Portraits de vignerons

  • Famille Gagliano

Gagliano Family

The Gagliano Family Passionate, from father to son… and daughters! In 2008, Alfonso Gagliano acquired a lovely [...]

  • Eric Gagnon Vignoble St-Thomas

Eric Gagnon

Eric Gagnon - Saint-Thomas vineyard Winemaker and co-owner, in the beautiful region of Lanaudière Here is the [...]

  • Simon Naud

Simon Naud

Simon Naud | Owner of Vignoble La Bauge in Brigham in the municipality of Brome-Missisquoi. Simon Naud [...]

Louis Desgroseillers

Louis Desgroseilliers Domaine Labranche | Saint-Isidore-de-Laprairie Louis Desgroseilliers is the vintner and owner of DOMAINE LABRANCHE, [...]

  • Marc Renaud Vigneron Domaine Mont-Vézeau

Marc Renaud

Marc Renaud Owner of Domaine Mont-Vézeau A vineyard AND a strawberry? Why not?! This is what you [...]


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