Ève Rainville and Marc Théberge

Owners of the Domaine Bergeville vineyard

Located in Hatley in the Appalachian Plateau region, Domaine Bergeville results from the work of Ève Rainville and Marc Théberge, two scientists by training who shaped their dream of viticulture for several years before embarking on the adventure. Since 2008, they have been producing sparkling wines exclusively, to the delight of wine lovers here!


Red bubbles!

If Ève and Marc got into sparkling wines, it was not the result of chance, but rather that of exhaustive research into what the Quebec climate had to offer. The answer came on its own: sparkling wines, and in the traditional way too! This is what led the duo to develop a sparkling red wine from an amalgam of grape varieties: frontenac noir, petite perle, sabrevois, marquette and radisson. The result is bluffing: a dry, refreshing wine with the little touch of character it takes to call the charcuterie board!


Sparkling products just like their creators

Domaine Bergeville also offers delicious sparkling white and rosé products. But if their wines will charm you for sure, a meeting with the winegrowers will make you fall in love! Their warmth, humanity and passion add a good dose of happiness to the tasting of these sparkling wines of great finesse.

What do each bottle have in common? Hybrid grape varieties in the spotlight and the most conclusive results! Enjoy them as an aperitif, or serve as an accompaniment to fish or a fried dish. Happiness guaranteed!

Where to buy them?

While some vintages can be found in specialized grocery stores, others are available in some of the greatest restaurants in Quebec, or in boutique at the estate.

Click here to find the points of sale!

A name for Quebec sparkling wine

After that? Between now and retirement, the couple dream of finding a unique appellation for this 100% Quebec product, so that we no longer talk about sparkling wines, but rather a more recognized designation.

Are we getting into ideas for this qualitative Quebec sparkling wine?

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