Les authentiques is the unique opportunity to listen to what our winemakers have to say. This is a preamble to the fabulous encounters you will make by picking up your bottle directly from them. It is an incursion into a little-known universe where mutual aid and solidarity are at the heart of everything.

Welcome to the world of Les authentiques!

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Available in French only.

  • Planter de la vigne au Québec
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The hidden side of the winegrowers

They wear all the hats and juggle daily with a world of knowledge. They passionately plough their fields and cultivate a love of good wine. Much more than producers, our Quebec winemakers bottle grape varieties tinged with their care and our terroir.

There is no competition among our winemakers. Only a real passion for the profession, and a real desire to work together to break down all the barriers between local wines and consumers.

Authenticity in its purest form…


What fascinates me about being a winemaker is how diverse it is.


– Martin Lavertu, Les Petits Cailloux vineyard


We are very proud of the wines we make with grape varieties that have been developed for cold climates.


– Christiane Allard, 1292 vineyard


I am very happy to be part of this generation that will take Quebec viticulture further.


– Laure de Coussergues, De l’Orpailleur vineyard


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