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Conseil des vins du Québec

Montreal, September 3, 2021 — The 150 winegrowers of Quebec produce more than 1000 different wines. Today, we challenge all Quebecers to discover a new wine produced locally in order to bring our magnificent terroir to life and shine! More than ever, Quebecers are turning to local products and it is imperative that local wines become part of consumers’ buying habits.

Wines of undeniable quality supported by passionate producers

Quebec winemakers have worked very hard for many years to refine their techniques in order to offer quality wines. Quebec wines benefit from an impressive diversity! Whites, reds, oranges, rosés and sparkling wines of all types allow for a very wide variety. More than sixty grape varieties offer a range of unique and diverse products. Enough to quench the growing thirst of Quebecers!

On September 12, I am tasting a Quebec wine!

The Quebec Wine Council (CVQ) invites people to discover (or rediscover) the wines of Quebec by tasting a product of their choice! From September 4, the various media platforms of the CVQ will come alive with video content and articles that will introduce passionate winegrowers who are at the heart of this great industry! Thus, every day (from September 4 to 12), the social networks of Les Vins du Québec will share relevant, informative and entertaining content.

Don’t miss our video capsule: “Why taste a Quebec wine on September 12?” In this short video, Quebec winemakers directly invite consumers to discover a local wine and reveal the different reasons to taste it throughout the year!

12 septembbre je déguste un vin québécois

To see the video of Quebec winegrowers “Why taste a Quebec wine? “,  click here.

The campaign content will be available on the event page:, from Saturday September 4, as well as on the digital platforms of the CVQ association : website, and social media Facebook et Instagram.

A new web-series: The authentic ones

The CVQ is also taking advantage of this hectic week to launch the first three episodes of the “The authentic ones” web-series. You will meet Quebec winegrowers, but above all, you will discover the different facets of the profession.

  • Episode 1: Become a winegrower
  • Episode 2: Planting vines in Quebec
  • Episode 3: The succession of the Quebec vineyard

Other episodes The authentic ones will follow in the coming months!

A little history of “September 12, I taste a Quebec wine”

In 2014, three winegrowers from Granby, Julie Bourdon, Virginia Houle and Samuel Gosselin, encouraged by the success of the initiative “August 12, I buy a Quebec book” had the idea of ​​inviting Quebecers to take advantage of the harvest period to taste a wine from Quebec.

“Quebecers love the pleasures of the table, sharing their recipes and little sins. By selecting a wine from here and sharing their experience on social networks on September 12, people are actively participating in the development and then in the recognition of our terroir and wine industry, ”says Mr. Gosselin. 

Wine associations, tourism, public markets and the SAQ quickly took the ball and allowed the initiative to continue./p>

Julie Bourdon et Samuel Gosselin - 12 septembre je déguste un vin québécois

Photo: Julie Bourdon and Samuel Gosselin

About the Quebec Wine Council

The Quebec Wine Council (CVQ) is an association of more than 75 local winegrowers and open to all players in the Quebec wine industry. In order to develop this sector of activity, the CVQ defends many issues of interest, such as the prosperity of entrepreneurs, the development of science and knowledge, and the promotion of Quebec wines. Our common goal? Make grow and shine the Quebec wine industry one cuvée at a time!

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