Eric Gagnon – Saint-Thomas vineyard

Winemaker and co-owner, in the beautiful region of Lanaudière

Here is the journey of a hockey player who decides one day to reach another goal…. that of being a winemaker!

From one dream to another

Éric Gagnon has had a passion for hockey since his youth. His skills and persistence even led him to play hockey in Switzerland for 2 years – where he also had the chance to teach the sport. Accompanied by his wife, also a physical education teacher, he meets a winegrower and his vineyard. Another dream was being born …

As he spent his free time in the fields and in the winery, he took advantage of these years to learn the basics of the winegrower’s trade. From viticulture to wine production, he acquires knowledge and develops his experience.

Back in Saint-Thomas

Upon his return to Quebec, to continue his teaching profession, he heard from a good friend that a vineyard in his region was for sale. Having therefore developed his passion in Switzerland, Éric Gagnon and his spouse, Annie Pronovost, decided to take the leap into viticulture in 2013! They are acquiring an existing vineyard and, to get this project off to a good start, they are accompanied by a couple of investors.

The Saint-Thomas vineyard is established on former tobacco grounds

The unique terroir of the Saint-Thomas vineyard was formerly dedicated to the production of tobacco … and even that it was recognized as one of the best blond tobacco in North America! Tobacco on the vine: the sandy soil is now perfect for growing vines. It is in connection with the history of the terroir that the vineyard calls one of its wines: Terratabac – an aromatic and supple red wine to discover.


Following this acquisition, Éric Gagnon first put the vineyard in his image, which he called: the Saint-Thomas vineyard. Since then, wine production has continued to grow and he particularly enjoys working on the quality of his wines while developing new products.

« I don’t want people to encourage me because I sell a local product. I want them to buy because it’s good! » – Éric Gagnon

Also, Éric Gagnon is proud to mention that respecting the vineyard while minimizing the ecological footprint remains an ongoing duty.

« We use the principle of reasoned culture. So there is no systematic chemical spreading. » – Éric Gagnon

The Saint-Thomas vineyard is also an asparagus plantation!

When the vineyard was acquired in 2013, the vineyard land was joined to land that also produced asparagus. Not afraid of challenges, Éric Gagnon jumped into the adventure of asparagus production at the same time.

We invite you to discover the products of the Saint-Thomas vineyard. You can find them in several SAQs, a large number of grocery stores and directly at the vineyard shop (home delivery is also offered in several regions).


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