Marc Renaud

Owner of Domaine Mont-Vézeau

A vineyard AND a strawberry? Why not?! This is what you will find at Domaine Mont-Vézeau, located in Ripon. You will also find Marc Renaud, a curious and passionate winegrower with whom you will enjoy talking..

When all roads lead to wine

Marc Renaud was around 18 when he began to cultivate his passion for wine. He then worked in an SAQ, where the tastings of great wines and training allowed him to discover a world of flavors. And it’s not his university studies that lead him into the medical field that will curb his thirst to learn more about the subject; on the contrary …

However, for Marc, the real trigger was during the career that followed his training. He then multiplied his meetings at restaurants and professional trips to Silicon Valley and France, very popular wine-growing lands. So many opportunities to discover amazing wines and meet inspiring winegrowers. During this period, he takes pleasure in studying wines, he accumulates the favorites and he even gives himself the challenge of finding the best value for money!

Marc Renaud Vignoble Mont Vézeau


Taste the profession

The aspiring winemaker is also taking a closer look at the winemaking process and decides to invest in the necessary equipment to set up his own home wine-making lab. During the next 10 years, he experimented and shared the fruits of his labor with family and friends.

It is his sensitivity to sulphites – very present in the preservation of grapes – that convinced him to abandon his operations. He sells all his equipment, but promises himself to return to wine production when he can grow his own vines.

Promise kept!

It was when Marc and his wife Marie Trahan passed the Domaine Mont-Vézeau on their way that he finally saw his chance to make his dream come true. On sale for a few years now, the vineyard gives him a glimpse of infinite potential. He officially embarked on the adventure in January 2021. This purchase marks a decisive turning point in his life: he stops traveling and devotes himself entirely to the vineyard, and the great challenges it represents.

The new co-owner starts by doing his homework. He takes training courses, meets people in the field and even teams up with an oenologist to discuss growth and goals for his vineyard. By experimenting in the vat, Marc comes to the conclusion that he wants offer something different from his predecessor in the vineyard. He wants to change the way things are done and gets to work: deep cleaning of the tanks, development of new trans-emptying protocols, implementation of a system to prevent oxidation and keep the freshness of the fruit… His desire? Create an unoaked white aperitif wine with a citrus flavor offering a nice acidity and freshness on the palate.

He explains: “I wanted to go get a white aperitif wine that plays with fiber. Let’s face it, Quebec wines have high acidity levels in the Nordic zone and we shouldn’t fight against that. On the contrary, you have to see : what can my land offer me?”

Give a kiss

It is with rigor and passion in the soul that Marc Renaud creates his first success: La Bise de Ripon (Kiss from Ripon)!

Strongly inspired by the pandemic context, he chooses with this name to put forward an action that more than one missed in 2020: kissing! This story touches his customers so much that he makes a point of taking the time to tell it to each of them and invites them to do the same when serving the bottle to their guests.

Mont Vézeau La Bise de Ripon

A team success

“It’s a beautiful dream that we realize with good products. That’s what is beyond me… It makes me think of when we want, we can. When you put in the time and effort, the results are there! “Exclaims the winemaker.

Marc Renaud does not hide it, his success owes it to his team, to all the specialists who have contributed to the adventure from near or far and, of course, to his valued customers. Thus, he does not hesitate to surround himself with experts to make better decisions. He also likes to collect comments and suggestions.

Head full of projects

And now, what awaits the Mont-Vézeau? Marc Renaud wants his small vineyard to expand by doubling the area of ​​his vines. He would also like to develop the sparkling wine. And make the field more accessible. And educate customers while highlighting the impact of the terroir. And gain experience. Marc also wants to broaden discussions with other winegrowers in order to share, raise the quality of Quebec wine to the highest possible level and promote it. Do you want some projects? Here they are!

In addition to its wine, Domaine Mont-Vézeau already offers many activities, such as picking raspberries and strawberries.

When asked to talk about the vineyard in a few words, Marc replies: “We want to provide customers with an experience, to bring positive emotions to life as much when picking raspberries and strawberries as at the table, when serving La Bise de Ripon.”

Let yourself be tempted!

Pssit! We exclusively learn that tests are underway for a red wine that will see the light of day in 2022. Stay tuned!

Did you know that…

The wines of the vineyard all have windy names? The name of the wine La Bise de Ripon, for example, is the name of the winds of the northern highlands in Switzerland and the wind found in the famous tale The Ant and the Grasshopper. On the other hand, the real reason for the name is “this little gesture that the pandemic has taking from us is to kiss each other…we suggest doing it with a glass of wine in hand!”

For the choice of label font only (!), The winemaker met with around 20 people to make sure he had a unit and was pleasing to the masses.

Many have tasted La Bise and have been completely overwhelmed by its taste. Bet won!

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