Do you need a change of scenery? In lack of nature? Quebec is full of vineyards to visit, discover and adopt, and often not far from your backyard. Explore the neighborhood! For a few hours, an afternoon or a whole day, with family, friends or one-on-one, there are only good reasons to take the route of flavors here. Here are 9 …

1-To reconnect with nature

After months between four walls, a little tour in nature is more than welcome! The vineyards here are a little-known facet of Quebec, second nature that is certainly worth the detour … and the view! Visit them to contemplate the beauty of Mother Nature, to discover other cities, to reconnect with the greenery and to take a deep breath of fresh air.

2-To taste and discover

The terroir of our region is not lacking in flavors. Tasting the juice of a grape that is the fruit of our land, which has reached maturity under our sunshine and thanks to local know-how is an experience all the more tasty. Whether you are an epicurean at heart or a lover of new things at your leisure, your taste buds will be satisfied! Take advantage of a tasting session to discover the fruit of the hard work of our Quebec producers and bring your favorites home!


Some local products are offered exclusively in the vineyards. Another advantage of taking part in the tour.

3-To go and meet fascinating stories

Behind the vineyards here are passionate and welcoming winegrowers who have a story to tell. Authentic humans who gladly open the door to their daily lives. These meetings give rise to rich exchanges. What to discover the history behind the bottle, the field, the vine …

4-To go through four paths and enjoy the view

Each season, the landscape changes. Witnessing its evolution in all its colors is an activity in itself that deserves to be repeated! And when that magical moment ends with a visit to a local vineyard, there are only good reasons to hit the road.

5-To have a picnic that is out of the ordinary

Swap the traditional picnic in the park for a snack in the vineyards. By the way, choose a good bottle on the spot. For a 100% local theme, fill your basket with products here.

Good to know

In addition to their good wines, Quebec vineyards often offer a variety of products to taste.

6-To learn while having fun

Passion can be shared. And it is with enthusiasm that the winegrowers will tell you about their know-how. For the curious visitor, this is a golden chance to deepen their knowledge of viticulture and oenology. Not to mention that the vineyards will offer you the most beautiful of classrooms.

7-To unhook and relax

Leave the stress of everyday life at home and take to the wine route. A visit to a vineyard is the ultimate relaxation activity. Hearing, feeling and observing nature is soothing and comforting. Try it out to see. You will be surprised at how time stands still.

8-To inspire and create

Are you passionate about photography? Do you like to paint or draw? The vineyards here are most inspiring living models. Bring your camera, easel or charcoal and let the artist in you speak. With a cup of good wine in hand, it’s even better!

9-To spend time in good company

Have you had enough of the BBQ on the terrace? Make an appointment at a local vineyard. For a first meeting, a romantic tête-à-tête, a family outing or a good time with friends, the vineyards are unparalleled for getting you out of your routine and getting back in touch with the great outdoors.

Visit the vineyards of Quebec

Tempted by the experience? Quebec has more than fifty vineyards to discover or rediscover. Which one will you choose this weekend?

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