Léon Courville & Anne-Marie Lemire

Leon Courville, Vigneron | Brome Lake

Léon Courville et Anne-Marie Lemire du Domaine Les Brome

Léon Courville et Anne-Marie Lemire are the owners of LEON COURVILLE, VIGNERON located in Brome Lake in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

Partners in both life and business, Anne-Marie and Léon have a shared passion for wine. For the last 20 years, they have been growing grapes and transforming their harvest into products of exceptional elegance and balance. Nestled in a fairy tale landscape, the vineyard boasts 18 hectares of vines planted along the hills overlooking Brome Lake. There, the couple grows 12 grape varieties (nine hybrid and three Vitis vinifera).

They are proudest of their success in developing winegrowing and winemaking methods that showcase the distinct character of each variety and in producing wines that beg to be tasted. 

Together, they have created 17 wines as part of two collections: the Cuvée collection (aged in stainless steel vats) and the Réserve collection (produced in small quantities). Many of their wines are unique to Quebec, whether it be their Réserve Rosé, aged in wooden barrels, or their XP, made from raisined De Chaunac grapes.

To meet increased demand, Anne-Marie and Léon intend to plant more hectares over the next few years so they can continue to surprise and delight fans of their high-quality wines.