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Montreal, June 19, 2019 – The Quebec Wine Council (CVQ), an association open to winegrowers and other professionals in the industry, is about to conquer the beautiful province with the first advertising campaign in their history. It is through the humorous talents of their new ambassador, Katherine Levac, that the association will communicate with the general public. Yvan Quirion, the president of the CVQ, is very pleased with the launch of this campaign, which he considers more than necessary in order to correct the sometimes negative perceptions of Quebecers towards local wines. Perceptions which, according to him, deserve to be changed: the numerous technological advancements in recent years as well as the arrival of the IGP Vin du Quebec appellation, meaning that the product is 100% developed in Quebec, have enabled wines of the province to raise their quality of production and even to develop a northern identity. This one did not fail to stand out on the international scene:

« We have our own identity; why ask Quebec wines to look like Bordeaux or California wines? What we want is our signature, our identity; and we are proud of it. » – Yvan Quirion, Winemaker & President of the CVQ

The message that the CVQ wishes to convey is clear: Quebec wines are good! The concept of “taste”, personal to each, is therefore at the center of the campaign, created in collaboration with Katherine Levac and the agency KOZE. In order to be unifying and authentic, the campaign uses above all the cultural and historical imagination of Quebec to describe the tastes of their wines; in the absence of more traditional terms which, more often than not, are only understood by connoisseurs and experts. Katherine Levac will then describe that a wine could taste like “a sunset in Rivière-du-Loup” … even if she doesn’t know what a sunset tastes! Humor is obviously a must to address Quebecers! The use of the “Taste to see” catchphrase lets consumers imagine the many flavors their wine could contain. The catchphrase will also invite them to create their own definition of the taste of their wine, just as Katherine Levac will often do during the different content broadcast.

About the Wine Council of Quebec

The Wine Council of Quebec (Conseil des vins du Quebec, CVQ) is an inter-professional association open to vintners of all sizes and levels of experience, as well as all other stakeholders in the Quebec wine and grape industry. We are committed to being an advocate for key issues related to marketing, vintner prosperity, scientific development, knowledge sharing and other areas to help the sector grow.

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