David Guertin and his valuable collaborators

Les Artisans du Terroir Vineyard

We cannot talk about Les Artisans du Terroir without mentioning Réjean and Céline. Their adventures begin in 1977. At that time, they had their eyes on another kind of fruit – the apple – and they were about to take the plunge into the void. They quit their respective jobs, bought land in the municipality of Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford, in Montérégie, and swapped their hats for those of apple growers.

In 1996, the couple embarked on a major new project when they converted part of their land into a vineyard. The same year, David Guertin obtained his diploma in vegetable and fruit horticulture, and joined his parents in the fields. The couple’s project becomes a family affair.

To each his own expertise!

Armed with a world of knowledge and experience, Réjean is in charge of winemaking. For her part, Céline puts her interpersonal skills to good use by welcoming visitors. David takes care of the production in the fields while cultivating his passion for the profession.

Four decades later, Réjean expresses the desire to take a well-deserved retirement. It is with peace of mind that he passes the reins of the family business to his son.

Artisan du Terroir

In order to ensure the growth of the vineyard, the winemaker decided to call on the Lafont family – Robert and Isabelle, from the same village – to support him in his operations. You should know that the two families have been collaborating in apple growing for years, and that Robert and David have been friends for a long time! David takes care of field management with Robert and continues to manage the vineyard boutique, while Isabelle takes up the torch of winemaking and wine marketing. And Réjean is never far away to lend a hand!

When we ask David what excites him about being a winemaker after all these years, we see that his enthusiasm is not about to leave him:

“From getting the buds out to creating a great wine that ends up in the hands of the customers, I love all the interventions in the process: witnessing the evolution and the creation of new varieties and wines that become successes, see the improvements […] It’s a great feeling of accomplishment and pride. »

To great wines, great projects

And now? David has a clear vision for the family vineyard: to continue to stand out for the quality of its products, and to expand to broaden its distribution network and make its wines more accessible.

Discovering Local Artisans

Located on the side of Mount Yamaska ​​in an enchanting place, the vineyard has all the qualities to challenge the epicurean in you! Indeed, Les Artisans du Terroir also grows apples, pears, plums and table grapes. The fruit of these harvests is used to make delicious products, such as jams and jellies. During the fall season, the vineyard offers tastings of its fruits. Your taste buds will be satisfied!

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