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Did you know that the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) officially recognizes the protected geographical indication IGP Vin du Québec?

IGP Vin du Québec

From vine to bottle

The IGP Vin du Québec certifies that the products, bearing its mention, were made with grapes grown exclusively in Quebec. The IGP also guarantees that all wines have passed a blind taste test. This organoleptic evaluation validates that the wine is free from defects.

The appellation also attests that the production of the wine was done in compliance with high standards as regards the safety, the safety and the traceability of the products. In addition, all wines bearing this seal must have been subjected to a chemical analysis carried out by a certified laboratory which confirms that the final product complies with the standards established in very strict specifications.

But that’s not all! IGP Vin du Québec products have also been developed in accordance with best viticultural practices. This contributes to the production of high quality grapes and to the development of the agricultural territory.

To know! 

  • For the year 2019, 36 vineyards had at least 1 IGP Vin du Québec product; a total of 192 wines! This year, after only 4 months (January to April), 105 products have already received their IGP Vin du Québec.
  • The IGP Vin du Québec is assigned to wine and not to vineyards.
  • In addition to the IGP Vin du Québec, there is also a PGI for ice wine from Quebec, ice cider from Quebec, sweet corn from Neuville, lamb from Charlevoix, cow breed cheese from Canada as well only for organic production.

The IGP Vin region of Quebec

The geographic area of the IGP Vin du Québec is bounded by the Laurentians mountain range to the north, the border along the United States to the south, Ontario to the west and the Appalachians to the east. To be eligible, the region where the vines are grown must have a minimum of 900 degree-days, a measure used to analyze the growth of an organism, which calculates the difference between the average temperature of a day and the temperature basic organism.

Click here for the IGP Vin du Québec geographical area.

Who manages the IGP Vin du Québec appellation??

CARTV (Council for Reserved Designations and Enhancing Terms), an independent and impartial government agency, which has the mandate to ensure that all the requirements of the specifications are met. And, it is the CVAQ (Quebec Appellation Wines Council) which guides the winemaker in his approach and who makes the link between the CARTV, the certifier and, also manages the accreditation committee.