Très-Précieux-Sang: un projet de vie et de vignes

Très-Précieux-Sang is the life project of three friends: Félix Poirier, Laurence Veri and Vincent Laniel. In June 2021, in the middle of the wine season, the three young thirty-year-olds became the owners of an 8-hectare estate that he wants to occupy in a permaculture approach, in organic management.

One hectare of vines was already growing to buy and another will be added in 2022. Inspired by several well-established winemakers, the trio decided to grow only hybrid grape varieties, which are an integral part of the province’s terroir. In addition to lucie kuhlmann, marquette, seyval blanc, st-pépin and other frontenac, three new white grape varieties hybridized in Quebec by Ronald Juneau will be added: gewurztraminer RJ, chenibec and juneaudor.

The Vins Très-Précieux-Sang vineyard was named in reference to the former municipality of Très-Précieux-Sang-de-Notre-Seigneur, where it is located, now merged with the town of Bécancour, in the Centre-du-Québec.

Très-Précieux-Sang proposera des vins de soif nature et biologiques, dont les cuvées sont appelées à changer d’un millésime à l’autre, selon l’inspiration des vignerons.

Très-Précieux-Sang will offer wines of natural and organic thirst, whose vintages are expected to change from one vintage to another, according to the inspiration of the winegrowers.


Félix Poirier
Laurence Veri
Vincent Laniel


10150 chemin du Saint-Laurent
Bécancour (Quebec)
G9H 3E8

Open by appointment.

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