Ferme Le Raku : The taste of Bas-St-Laurent

At Ferme Le Raku, located in Saint-Germain-de-Kamouraska, Samuel Lavoie cultivates cereals (wheat, rye) but also, since 2006, grapes. And everything is certified organic! Initially interested in producing table grapes, the winemaker gradually began planting wine grapes and vinifying them. Today, 45 grape varieties are being tested on their Bas Laurentian land, most of them very early ripening, to see what works in their more northern region. European grape varieties, relatively unknown, such as Pinot Madeleine, Saint-Laurent, Auxerrois, and new hybrids like Roland (the main grape cultivated at the estate), are part of the experimentation. With Roland, the farmer creates his renowned Cuvée Roland. Both in the vineyard and the cellar, Samuel Lavoie, a very meticulous winemaker, follows a minimalist approach: only fermented grape juice, with little or no added sulfur. The approximately 10,000 bottles produced annually are mainly distributed in Quebec restaurants


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