Domaine du P’tit Bonheur

In May 2021, the La Grenouille vineyard, established in Cowansville since 2007, became the Domaine du P’tit Bonheur, now owned by Julie Bouchard and Félix Duranceau. In their former life, Felix worked in events while Julie was a teacher. In the midst of the pandemic, neo-winemakers have left Montreal in search of a more peaceful life in the countryside… to cultivate 2.5 hectares of vines and transform the grapes into wine, as naturally as possible.

To make them happy, the couple has several projects in mind, including planting more vines, as well as several fruit trees, such as apple, pear and plum trees to diversify their crops.


Julie Bouchard and Félix Duranceau

Services and activities

  • Picnic area

  • Purchase of wine


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