Vignoble du Ruisseau: From the earth to the verreebsite

On the huge Vineyard of the Ruisseau estate, located in Dunham, in the Appalachian Piedmont wine region, a dream of self-sufficiency is coming true. Arriving at the Vignoble du Ruisseau, by a pretty red covered bridge overlooking the said stream, we discover the beauty of the place, but also the thousand and one projects of the Lamoureux-Gaston family: a vineyard, obviously, an organic maple grove, a huge garden and an orchard. All these productions are then transformed into delicious dishes for the bistro, small jars for the shop or wines and spirits to enjoy in the lounge area.

In the vineyard, some nine hectares of vitis vinifieras, such as Riesling, Chardonnay or Gewurztraminer, produce red and white wines. Unique in Quebec, during the cold season, the vines, sensitive to cold, are kept at a temperature of -10 ° C thanks to geothermal energy, a technology that will draw heat from the soil to protect the vines from frost and lengthen their vegetative season. All the energy used to heat the cellar, the vats, the cellars and all the air conditioning needs, is also obtained thanks to geothermal energy, thus reducing the ecological footprint of the family business.


Normand Lamoureux, Michèle Gaston, Sara Gaston and Jonathan Gauvin

Services and activities

  • Wine and spirits
  • Local meals (different menus according to the seasons)
  • Guided tours (different packages are offered!)
  • Purchase of wine
  • Picnic area
  • Corporate Events
  • Sugar shack (February 26 to May 1)
  • And more!


Opening hours

Daily: from 10:30 to 18:00

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