Fresh and versatile, dare the rosés!


Rosé wines are gaining popularity! Worldwide, consumption of rosé has increased by more than 30% since the early 2000s!

In Quebec, 15% of the wine produced on our terroir was rosé in 2019 (source : Conseil des vins du Québec).

With this growing popularity the technology also evolves; the manufacturing and winemaking techniques are constantly being modernized.


Rosé: made from red grapes!

Did you know that the main difference between a rosé and a red is the maceration time? For red wine, this maceration period (the stage where the must macerates with the skin of the grapes) is several days compared to rosé wine, where we speak of only a few hours!

Of course, this is a simplification of the production of a rosé wine and several techniques exist (press wines, bleeding wines, etc.). But be aware that Quebec winegrowers constantly collaborate with their oenologists to offer you a high quality wine! Wines with their own characteristics.

In Quebec, rosés are more often dry and have delicate fragrances on the nose and in the mouth, especially aromas of small red fruits..


A versatile wine

In Quebec, it is more common to taste rosés during the summer or as an aperitif. These are easy to drink products that bring a nice feeling of freshness.

But, whatever the season, rosé is often an excellent choice. This wine is very versatile and goes well together. Enjoy the rosé with fish, seafood, salads, cold meats, cheese and much more, the options are endless!


So don’t wait for the next heat wave to drink a rosé wine and … taste Quebec rosés!

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