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Authenticity to celebrate!

Recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ), the PGI Vin du Québec appellations have been put in place to protect the traceability, authenticity and specificity of the wine thus ensuring the quality for consumers.

The winemaker must comply with strict specifications, which stipulate in particular that all the raw material (the grapes!) Must come from Quebec. A committee must also validate the quality of the product, tasting it blind.

The PGI Vin du Québec can be lavished on white, rosé, red and sparkling wines as well as late harvest wines and raisined grape wines. The PGI Vin de Glace du Québec is essentially reserved for ice wines.

A certification that tastes so good … we would be crazy to do without!

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Do the grapes used for production have the properties necessary for the production of a quality wine?

What we are watching:

That the grapes respect wine standards and are the result of best practices in the fields. 

The goal?

Contribute to the production of quality grapes and to the development of the territory.

Vinification and aging

Have the grapes been altered during cultivation?

What we are watching:

The origin of the grape, the quality of the inputs, as well as the preservation of intrinsic characteristics.

The goal?

Ensure the preservation of the intrinsic characteristics of the fruit.


Has the bottling been done in accordance with the highest quality standards?

What we are watching:

The safety of the product, its harmlessness and the traceability of the wines at bottling.

The goal?

Know the history of wine and make sure it is suitable for consumption.

Chemical analysis

Does the product meet Canadian food standards? 

What we are watching:

All wines are subjected to a chemical analysis carried out by an independent and impartial laboratory.

The goal?

To offer a top-quality wine that meets the country’s strict health standards.

Organoleptic evaluation

Is this composition harmonious on the palate?

What we are watching:

That the wine is free from defects Managed by the Conseil des vins d’apellation du Québec, the committee is made up of expert tasters to ensure PGI compliance..

The goal?

Subject the wine to an objective taste bud to identify its qualities and detect any defects.

Conseil des vins d'appelation du Québec

Who manages the PGI?

This is the role of the Quebec Appellation Wines Council (CVAQ)! His goal? Watch over the PGI Vin du Québec and PGI Vin de glace du Québec appellations, so that they remain synonymous with authenticity and quality for consumers.

A collaborative effort

With passionate winegrowers at its head, the CVAQ manages the certification process and ensures that the specifications are maintained and respected. The body does not act alone; it works in close collaboration with valuable partners, including the Council of Reserved Appellations and Enhancing Terms (CARTV), the Ecocert Canada certifier, as well as the Conseil des vins du Québec.

The CVAQ is the point of contact for all winegrowers who have (or wish to have) PGI appellation wines! Consumers who wish to have more information on the appellations or on PGI Vin du Québec and Vin de glace du Québec products are also invited to contact the organization.

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