Reference documents for IGP winegrowers

Below, information to remember for the winegrowers participating in the IGP

  • Steps to register a wine for the approval committee
  • Anlayse laboratories approved for obtaining the IGP
  • Specifications, labeling rules and checklist
  • IGP Logos

Date of the next approval committee – for the reception of wines

January 24, 2022

Other committees to come in 2022:

February 21 | March 7 | March 21 | April 25 | May 30 | June 13 | August 29 | October 24 | November 28


Step 1. Register your wine and send the IGP laboratory analyzes.

  • You must first have obtained your IGP test results.
  • Then go to the site Au Champ * in order to complete the required forms and send (via this same platform) your laboratory analysis results.
Register your wine here on AU CHAMP *

* If you do not have access to the site Au Champ , you must contact Mr. Jean-François Péloquin at .

Step 2. Once the wines are bottled, samples should be sent for organoleptic evaluation.

Quantities of wine samples to send
4 bottles of 375 ml or 3 bottles of 750 ml


    Note : It is mandatory to respect the deadlines for the delivery of your wines from accreditation committees. Between these periods, you can still send your wines and they will be treated during the next approval committee.

    Sending bottles to …
    SAQ / Marie-Josée Gauvreau Laboratory (514-254-600. # 5239)
    1501 rue des Futailles
    Receipt of goods
    Montreal, Qc, H1N 3P1

       Opening hours of the SAQ reception office :
       Monday to Thursday: 7:15 am to noon – 12:45 to 4:15 pm
       Friday: 7:15 am to 11:45 am
       Saturday and Sunday: Closed

       All bottles must be identified as follows :
       CVAQ Approval Committee
       Date of committee meeting: Enter date < br /> Producer name: Enter your name

    Note : Unfiltered wine or orange wine – they can be submitted to the accreditation committee but it is mandatory to mention it on the label.

    Additional information

    Click here to listen to a video training for the software Au Champ .

    For all other questions, write to


    To obtain IGP certification, the analyzes of the wines provided must obligatorily come from a laboratory approved by the specifications.

    The laboratories approved by ECOCERT are as follows:

    Oenoscience (click here) 
    2050, rue Dandurand, bur. 308, Montreal, Qc, H2G 1Y9 | + 514 564.2050

    Mostilab (click here)
    6865 Route 132, Ville Sainte-Catherine, Qc, J5C 1B6 | +1 450 638.6380

    SAQ Laboratory (click here)
    SAQ / Marie-Josée Gauvreau Laboratory
    1501 rue des Futailles, Goods reception, Montreal, Qc, H1N 3P1 | +1 514 254.6000 # 5239


    When making your request, you must first mention that you want the IGP analysis – which is specific to the requirements of the specifications. These three (3) laboratories can also produce the RACJ analyzes for you. So, when you request a laboratory analysis, do not forget to clearly indicate your need: “IGP analysis only” or, “IGP analysis”.


    IGP Quebec Wine

    Specifications (in French only)
    Labeling rules (in French only)
    Self-checking grid (in French only)

    IGP Ice Wine

    Specifications (in French only)
    Labeling rules (in French only)
    Self-checking grid (in French only)


    IGP Quebec Wine

    Black on white

    White on black

    IGP Ice Wine


    Au champ
    Conseil des ap^pellations réservées et des terrains
    Groupe Ecocert


    Vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur les appellations IGP ou la CVAQ? Contactez-nous sans tarder.