Wines free from defects

All wines that receive the PGI Vin du Québec or Vin de glace du Québec mention must have passed an organoleptic evaluation with flying colors. These assessments are carried out by the approval committee.

Committee mandate

The main mandate of the approval committee is to ensure that PGI wines are free from defects. He assesses and certifies the quality of the wines before they are marketed and checks that the product’s tasting standards are met with regard to their respective organoleptic characteristics.

Thus, all vineyards wishing to market an PGI wine must submit, for any type of wine, a sample of each vintage to the approval committee.

Who does the wine tasting?

The approval committee is made up of expert tasters to ensure PGI compliance. It is made up of sommeliers, oenologists, specialist columnists, experienced winemakers and wine advisers. They have all demonstrated their skills and are still active in the field of wine tasting.

The Quebec Appellation Wines Council (CVAQ), which sees to the proper functioning of the approval committees, is also responsible for accrediting the tasters and ensuring that the rules established in the specifications are always respected. .

You are a winegrower and wish to register a wine for the approval committee

Once the wine is bottled, a wine sample must first be analyzed by an independent laboratory – which confirms the chemical constituents to ensure that it complies with the rules established under the PGI. The wine can then be evaluated by the approval committee.

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