Jean-Pierre Foucault and Linda Boulianne

Winegrowers and owners of Domaine Mont-Vézeau

A retirement plan or … a busy second career !

At the end of the 90s, Jean-Pierre Foucault had already worked for more than 25 years in the field of aviation as an engineering specialist for the company NavCanada. His wife, Linda Boulianne, was also employed as a manager for the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Jean-Pierre had an interest in the cultivation of vines and wine. So he decided to make it a hobby! He planted 125 vines – in the town of Cantley – just for the pleasure of growing grapes. This hobby quickly turned into a passion. His wife, Linda, also had the urge to work in the fields!

Domaine Mont-Vézeau

They then made the decision to “officially” embark on the project to open a vineyard! First step: they must first find a new land. In 2002, they acquired a magnificent location in Ripon, Outaouais. An estate totaling 75 acres on which they plant vines within the first year. They must therefore take care of the land while continuing their respective work.

In 2006, four years after planting (this is the time required for a vine to provide quality grapes to produce wine), the vines were finally ready to produce their first vintage!

Today, the vineyard has 9,000 vines!

A complementary team!

Having a vineyard requires different knowledge and skills. Thus, Jean-Pierre specializes mainly in the work that is done in the production of grapes and wine. For her part, Linda is responsible for the management of the store, financial aspects, marketing as well as sales and marketing.

A strawberry field, why not?

Wanting to continue to grow and expand their market, Jean-Pierre and Linda decide to operate a strawberry field! This allows them to rotate their crops, increase their production and… they will even develop new products: strawberry wine! A product, of which the couple is very proud, which received several important honnors in various competitions!

Domaine Mont-Vézeau


Thinking about the next generation

The years go by quickly. From its beginnings until today, the vineyard will soon be 20 years old. Jean-Pierre and Linda must think about the next generation and pass the torch to whoever considers joining the ranks of the great family of winegrowers in Quebec today. A young and dynamic succession who will help advance the industry to an even more important dimension.

Taste the wines of Domaine Mont-Vézeau!

We invite you to taste the Domaine Mont-Vézeau Borée white wine or the Domaine Mont-Vézeau red wine for Noroit, both available in several SAQs. Wines are also available directly at their vineyard store and offer delivery; contact the vineyard.

Also taste their strawberry and raspberry wines!

Discover the wines of the Mont-Vézeau vineyard