Conseil des vins d'appelation du Québec


The Quebec Appellation Wines Council (CVAQ) ensures the protection, supervision and supervision of the IGP Vin du Québec and IGP Vin de glace du Quebec certifications. In this sense, the organization represents all Quebec winegrowers whose wines respect all stages of production, from harvest to bottle.

The role of the CVAQ

The CVAQ ensures that the specifications are maintained and updated. He oversees the recognition and approval procedures for IGP wines. He takes care of delivering training and manages the approval committee during the organoleptic examination or the approval tasting that will allow the wines to be marketed. It also provides support to winegrowers in their IGP designation procedures.

The CVAQ works with important partners, including the Council of Reserved Appellations and Enhancing Terms (CARTV), ECOCERT CANADA the certification organization and the Quebec Wine Council (Conseil des vins du Québec).

The CVAQ team

The CVAQ is a non-profit association made up of winegrowers who all own at least one wine in the IGP appellation. The organization is managed by its board of directors, made up of the following eight members:

  • Jean Joly, Marathonien vineyard – CVAQ president

  • Charles-Henri De Coussergues, Orpailleur vineyard – CVAQ vice-president

  • Serge Primi, Côte de Vaudreuil vineyard, CVAQ treasurer

  • Sébastien Daoust, Les Bacchantes vineyard, CVAQ administrator

  • Marco Corbin, Halte des Pèlerins vineyard – CVAQ administrator

  • Isabelle Lafont, Les Artisans du Terroir vineyard – CVAQ administrator

  • Francis-Hugues Lavoie, Domaine de Lavoie – CVAQ administrator


PGI : an authenticity to celebrate!!

The Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) Vin du Québec and Vin de glace du Québec guarantee product traceability at all stages of development, from harvest to bottle. A certification that tastes so good … we would be crazy to do without!

The PGI is also a guarantee of quality for consumers. The winemaker must comply with strict specifications, which stipulate in particular that all the raw material (the grapes!) Must come from Quebec.

For authentic Quebec wines, look for the Quebec PGI wines!

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