An unforgettable experience

Wine lovers and scenic admirers alike will be captivated by the routes that lead to our wineries. Every wine region boasts beautiful scenery, with country landscapes etched harmoniously with vines that grow in fields and valleys. Following Québec’s wine routes is going back to the source—discovering the sheer beauty of our land in every sense: the texture of the earth, the smell of grapes, the rustle of vines, and the delicious taste of that first sip of wine. When you visit a winery, you’ll also meet the passionate winemakers who will invite you to their wine cellar or tasting room to enjoy the fruits of their labour

More than just harvest time

The wine route is open year round, and you’ll discover a different aspect of the vine’s cycle with every season. April will introduce you to the start of the growing season, with its newly pruned vine stocks and workers returning to the vineyard under the warm spring sun. In summer, the fields flower alongside ripe bunches of grapes for a sight to behold.

We’re off!

Take to the wine route with family or friends, on bike or by car—always in moderation and with a designated driver. Choose your destination and make every visit a memorable one.

From one winery to the next

Time to explore… and compare! The unique blended and single-variety production at each winery creates wines with colours and aromas typical to Québec. Find your favourite at a tasting and discover the culture, facilities and landscapes of Québec’s delightful wineries.

Tastings at your fingertips

Once the wine is poured, the tasting experience begins with a look. Observe the wine’s robe—the colour of the vintage. Then swirl the wine round the insides of the glass. The aromas are now free. Just a sip will reveal a universe of textures and fragrances that will quench your thirst for the land!

Favourites and temptations

Keep in mind: Many of the wines you taste are available exclusively at the winery. Be sure to take home the treasures you find during your tour, or visit your local SAQ and ask them to add Québec wines to their shelves to liven up cocktail time!